Face Masker

CLI Arguments

Face Mask Types

Mix and match different face mask types.

Argument: --face-mask-types

Default: box

Choices: box occlusion region

Example: --face-mask-types box occlusion

Face Mask Blur

Specify the degree of blur applied the box mask.

Argument: --face-mask-blur

Default: 0.3

Range: 0 to 1 at 0.05

Example: --face-mask-blur 0.6

Face Mask Padding

Apply top, right, bottom and left padding to the box mask.

Argument: --face-mask-padding

Default: 0 0 0 0

Example: --face-mask-padding 1 2

Face Mask Regions

Choose the facial features used for the region mask.

Argument: --face-mask-regions

Default: All

Choices: skin left-eyebrow right-eyebrow left-eye right-eye glasses nose mouth upper-lip lower-lip

Example: --face-mask-regions left-eye right-eye eye-glasses

Default Overrides ⁿᵉˣᵗ

Modify the facefusion.ini file to override the defaults.

face_mask_types = box occlusion
face_mask_blur = 0.6
face_mask_padding = 1 2
face_mask_regions = left-eye right-eye glasses

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