Are there plans to implement a high resolution inswapper?

InsightFace decided not to release those models due to ethical considerations.

How to improve the quality of swapped faces?

We worked around the limitation of the model by using the face enhancer.

What operating systems are supported?

We support Linux, MacOS and Windows.

How much VRAM should my GPU have?

We consider 4GB as a minimum, everything from 8GB should work fine.

Could you assist me in fixing my launch script?

We are unable to provide assistance for individual scripting. However, there is a facefusion.ini file designed to permanently override the defaults.

Where can I find the temporary resources?

Temporary resources such as frames are stored inside .facefusion located in the temporary directory of your operating system.

What causes the program to halt after 100% analysing?

We don't allow NSFW content due to ethical considerations.
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