• Introduce the lip-syncer frame processors using wave2lip
  • Improve face alignment with 68 to 5 landmark transformation
  • Add face swapper model uniface_256
  • Add yoloface as the default face detector model
  • Clear temporary resources before processing
  • Add age and gender to the face debugger items
  • Update installer to version specific CUDA and ROCM entries
  • Improve the description of the CLI arguments
  • Enforce --output-video-resolution after upscaling
  • Reduce terminal output noise while processing


  • Replace restoreformer with the latest restoreformer_plus_plus model
  • Fix error when the facefusion.ini file is missing a section
  • Fix image to image when utilizing --video-memory-strategy tolerant


  • Significant improve the CUDA performance
  • Allow default overrides through the facefusion.ini file
  • Enable faster inswapper_128_fp16 model as default
  • Add --video-memory-strategy to trade VRAM usage for speed
  • Add bmp to the --temp-frame-format argument
  • Add compatibility with Pinokio 1.0.0
  • Display the processing time in the terminal on success
  • Introduce --output-video-preset which defaults to veryfast
  • Introduce --output-video-fps argument
  • Introduce --output-video-resolution argument
  • Block the preview and webcam until models are fully downloaded
  • Rename --max-memory to --system-memory-limit
  • Fix gender detection due incorrect matrix transformation
  • Fix render issues when toggling face debugger items repeatedly


  • Fix installer option for directml under Windows


  • Add CUDA nightly to the installer
  • Refresh reference faces on frame processor change
  • Fix rounding issues of number based CLI arguments


  • Remove falsy clear reference faces in preview


  • Add face occlusion masking
  • Add face region masking with selectable regions
  • Average source face from multiple images
  • Multi processing aware reference faces
  • Only process the reference with face enhancer
  • Introduce debug, info, warn and error log levels
  • Restore face alignment offset from retinaface
  • Enforce virtual environment via installer
  • Reduce the installer options according to platform
  • Add onnxruntime-rocm support to installer
  • Fix preview updates on slider release
  • Fix preview updates on face reference change
  • Fix similarity transformation for the face alignment


  • Add blendswap_256, simswap_256 and simswap_512_unofficial to the face swapper
  • Add gpen_bfr_256 and restoreformer to the face enhancer
  • High performance face detector using the retinaface or yunet models
  • Add ROCM and OpenVINNO support to the frame enhancers
  • Add support for webp images and webm videos
  • Add the best-worst and worst-best to --face-analyser-order
  • Introduce the face_debugger to visualize the bounding box, key points and face mask
  • Introduce the facefusion-pinokio repository to our GitHub organization
  • Introduce --face-mask-blur and --face-mask-padding arguments
  • Introduce --face-detector-size and --face-detector-score arguments
  • Extend face selector by one mode
  • Remove insightface dependency due handcrafted frame processing
  • Remove tensorflow and PIL dependencies duo handcrafted frame analysing
  • Simplify progress bar to reduce performance hits
  • Improve reference face UI for large amount of people
  • Webcam mode udp and v4l2 now with solid 25fps at 1080p
  • Seamless start and stop the webcam feed
  • Rename --face-recognition to --face-selector-mode
  • Rename --face-analyser-direction to --face-analyser-order
  • Fix output validation after processing
  • Apply fixed ranges to number based CLI arguments
  • Normalize the --reference-face-distance calculation to a 0-1 range
  • Normalize the --output-path even without specified --source-path
  • Set a 10 seconds timeout for download lookups


  • Refine default and cpu choices for the installer


  • Add high performance fp16 version to the face swapper
  • Add ONNX powered CodeFormer, GFPGAN and GPEN to the face enhancer
  • Add RealESRGAN_x2plus and RealESRNet_x4plus to the frame enhancer
  • Implement blending for the face enhancer and frame enhancer
  • Enable frame processors to have options and CLI arguments
  • Refine the UI theme to a minimal and flat design
  • Enhance the --help and documentation with arguments grouping
  • Reduce the default image and video quality to 80 percent
  • Introduce a new --torch argument to the installer
  • Improve Apple Silicon performance using the latest onnxruntime
  • Fix video quality to compression normalization
  • Fix stuck downloads caused by the Windows firewall


  • Perform VRAM clearance after each processing step
  • Restrict TensorFlow memory consumption to 512 MB
  • Verify the model files before frame processing
  • Introduce --skip-download to skip automated downloads
  • Upgrade to the most recent onnxruntime version


  • Establish realtime webcam performance
  • Optimize reruns by caching the face analyser results
  • Optimize image read performance through caching
  • Resume interrupted asset and model downloads
  • Allow passing --onnxruntime to
  • Introduce official facefusion-colab repository
  • Remove alignments from each UI components
  • Introduce checkbox group for the settings
  • Set webcam resolution and fps in the UI
  • Disallow empty execution providers in the UI
  • Fix frame range processing on videos with audio
  • Fix CUDA and ROCM Dockerfile to utilize the GPU
  • Fix sorting of temp frame paths


  • Installer for common and acceleration dependencies
  • Built-in webcam suite that supports udp and v4l2 streaming
  • Dedicated --headless mode
  • Add Docker support for ROCM
  • Allow adjustment of --output-path via the UI
  • Enhance output path normalization
  • Single warm-up before starting the benchmark suite
  • Ability to select runs for the benchmark suite
  • Enable benchmarking with partial updates
  • Implement a fully event-driven UI for super responsiveness
  • Add a max memory slider to select free RAM
  • Implement conditional UI based on target media type
  • Introduce --output-image-quality option for image output
  • Fix crf range for libvpx video encoder
  • Fix detect_fps to work with different encoding


  • Dynamic UI based on Gradio
  • Docker support for CPU and CUDA
  • Replace --many-faces by --face-recognition that takes reference and many value
  • Twin support: swap multiple faces by one face reference
  • Introduce --execution-queue-count to adjust processing per thread
  • Rename --execution-threads to --execution-thread-count
  • Global options direction, age and gender for face analyser
  • Blur preview and processing hold when NSFW content has been detected
  • Flip the quality best to worse from 0-100 to 100-0
  • Trim video via trim-frame-start and trim-frame-end
  • Built-in benchmark suite
  • Intensive codebase refactoring
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