Next generation face swapper and enhancer.



Be aware, the installation needs technical skills and is not for beginners. Please do not open platform and installation related issues on GitHub. We have a very helpful Discord community that will guide you to install FaceFusion.


Run the command:
python [options]
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-s SOURCE_PATH, --source SOURCE_PATH select a source image
-t TARGET_PATH, --target TARGET_PATH select a target image or video
-o OUTPUT_PATH, --output OUTPUT_PATH specify the output file or directory
--frame-processors FRAME_PROCESSORS [FRAME_PROCESSORS ...] choose from the available frame processors (choices: face_enhancer, face_swapper, frame_enhancer, ...)
--ui-layouts UI_LAYOUTS [UI_LAYOUTS ...] choose from the available ui layouts (choices: benchmark, webcam, default, ...)
--keep-fps preserve the frames per second (fps) of the target
--keep-temp retain temporary frames after processing
--skip-audio omit audio from the target
--face-recognition {reference,many} specify the method for face recognition
--face-analyser-direction {left-right,right-left,top-bottom,bottom-top,small-large,large-small} specify the direction used for face analysis
--face-analyser-age {child,teen,adult,senior} specify the age used for face analysis
--face-analyser-gender {male,female} specify the gender used for face analysis
--reference-face-position REFERENCE_FACE_POSITION specify the position of the reference face
--reference-face-distance REFERENCE_FACE_DISTANCE specify the distance between the reference face and the target face
--reference-frame-number REFERENCE_FRAME_NUMBER specify the number of the reference frame
--trim-frame-start TRIM_FRAME_START specify the start frame for extraction
--trim-frame-end TRIM_FRAME_END specify the end frame for extraction
--temp-frame-format {jpg,png} specify the image format used for frame extraction
--temp-frame-quality [0-100] specify the image quality used for frame extraction
--output-image-quality [0-100] specify the quality used for the output image
--output-video-encoder {libx264,libx265,libvpx-vp9,h264_nvenc,hevc_nvenc} specify the encoder used for the output video
--output-video-quality [0-100] specify the quality used for the output video
--max-memory MAX_MEMORY specify the maximum amount of ram to be used (in gb)
--execution-providers {cpu} [{cpu} ...] choose from the available execution providers (choices: cpu, ...)
--execution-thread-count EXECUTION_THREAD_COUNT specify the number of execution threads
--execution-queue-count EXECUTION_QUEUE_COUNT specify the number of execution queries
--skip-download omit automate downloads and lookups
--headless run the program in headless mode
-v, --version show program's version number and exit


We acknowledge the unethical potential of FaceFusion and are resolutely dedicated to establishing safeguards against such misuse. This program has been engineered to abstain from processing inappropriate content such as nudity, graphic content and sensitive material.
It is important to note that we maintain a strong stance against any type of pornographic nature and do not collaborate with any websites promoting the unauthorized use of our software.
Users who seek to engage in such activities will face consequences, including being banned from our community. We reserve the right to report developers on GitHub who distribute unlocked forks of our software at any time.
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