Face Analyser

CLI Arguments

Face Analyser Order

Specify the order in which the face analyser detects faces.

Argument: --face-analyser-order

Default: left-right

Choices: left-right right-left top-bottom bottom-top small-large large-small best-worst worst-best

Example: --face-analyser-order best-worst

Face Analyser Age

Filter the detected faces based on their age.

Argument: --face-analyser-age

Default: None

Choices: child teen adult senior

Example: --face-analyser-age adult

Face Analyser Gender

Filter the detected faces based on their gender.

Argument: --face-analyser-gender

Default: None

Choices: male female

Example: --face-analyser-gender male

Face Detector Model

Choose the model responsible for detecting the face.

Argument: --face-detector-model

Default: yoloface

Choices: many retinaface scrfd yoloface yunet

Example: --face-detector-model retinaface

Face Detector Size

Specify the size of the frame provided to the face detector.

Argument: --face-detector-size

Default: 640x640

Choices: 160x160 320x320 480x480 512x512 640x640 768x768 960x960 1024x1024

Example: --face-detector-size 320x320

Face Detector Score

Filter the detected faces base on the confidence score.

Argument: --face-detector-score

Default: 0.5

Range: 0-1 at 0.05

Example: --face-detector-score 0.7

Default Overrides

Modify the facefusion.ini file to override the defaults.

face_analyser_order = best-worst
face_analyser_age = adult
face_analyser_gender = male
face_detector_model = yoloface
face_detector_size = 320x320
face_detector_score = 0.7

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